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Urban StartUp is an organisation formed by a hard working and ambitious mother and son duo with a flare and passion for everything creative.

Trained experts in web design, brand development, marketing and a shared passion for helping our clients achieve their goals.

Through affordable services and open communication, we help entrepreneurs like you succeed in business.

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Uche Rum


Our assistance with branding, design and a brand new bespoke website helped Uche Rum launch into the market and reach their one year sales target within just 6 months.

Duguid Anderson Contractors


Duguid Anderson Contractors chose us for their website transformation. Our result: a custom showcase of their work on a London map, delivering a modernised online presence. Success achieved!

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You’re in the right place.. we offer web design and development solutions to support entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Chances are we can help you establish and maintain a professional online presence.

Explore our website by using the menu icons or get in touch using the form below to let us know how we can help.